Granny Square – Summer Bucket Hat -Free Pattern


DC-Double Crochet
HDC – Half double crochet
2 dc-cl-Double Cluster
Sl St – Slip stich
CH- Chain

To find more about clusters watch this material –video


Yarn:3.5-4 ply
Weight: 120-130 g (3 colours)
Hook: 3-3,5 size
For advanced and intermediate.
Also beginners friendly

Square size:4,5″x 4.5″ (11x11cm)

You need 4 squares as Pic A for the base.
Rd 0 : Ch 5
Rd 1:  16 x Dc in the loop at the top of the first dc.Change colour
Rd 2: 16 x ( 2dcl-yarn over twice) ,no space ,finish with sl st
Rd 3: Fix 4 corners .In The corners 3 x DC ,CH 2, 3 x DC in the same loop. Between corners 2 loops each 3xDc…sl st finish.
Rd 4: Rep rd 3.Between corners will be 4 loops. Each loop 3 x DC. Finish sl st.
Rd 5: Dc all around,etween corners will be 5 loops.3xdc in each loop,in corners 3dc,ch 2,3xdc…sl st and finish


For the top one square as Pic B
Rep from rd 1 to rd 5 as Pic A. For the round 5 HDC all around In the corners 5 x HDC with no space between.

The 4 squares has to be joined in round. BLO -seaming join the 2 squares from the back of the loop 

The first round needs to be tight. HDC all around in each stitch. At the corners-where are the 2 loops (the corner loop from each square) one HDC (reducing one stitch),then continue in each stitch HDC.
It will be 9 rounds altogether worked HDC all around.
From the second round to the 6th round needs multiplying in the same place. Use marks if is need. .
Multiply in each corners of the squares with 3 HDC ,and in the middle of the square 2hdc .
Last 3 rounds work as normal no multiply

Don’t forget to alternate the colours as you like..

Enjoy your Summer Slouch Hat !!!