Crochet Hobo Shoulder/Hand Bag.

This pattern is using single crochet and double crochet.




4 markers

Tape measure



Tension :Tight.
If you are using different thickness of yarn follow the measure of bag.
The bag from picture has a double bottom.
I used pvc cut in round to make the bottom more firm,and i lined more then half of the bag.


Bag Measure:

Bottom: Diameter:17cm


Longer Strap: 80cm

Shorter Strap:24 cm


Easy Crochet


Round-single crochet.Diameter:17cm
1.Start with a magic circle, or make 3 ch and join with sl st.
2.In the gap make 6 sg st.
3.Increase one sg cr at each st=12st.

4.Increase one sg cr at each 2 st=18st
5.Increase at each 3=24st
6.Increase at each 4=30st.
7.Inc at each 5=36st
8.Inc at each 6=42st

Keep increasing till you rich to increase one sg cr at each 16 st.



Double crochet
No increasing no decreasing. Work all stitches double crochet.
Make aprox.20 rounds



Single crochet.
Count for each handle 24 stitches on the top edge of the bag.
Count stitches and mark the 2 handles -24 stitches for one handle + in opposite the other 24 st for the second handle.Between handles has to be equal number of stitches space thats crocheting as normal sg cr.The 2 handles length are not equal one is longer.First marker has to be where starts the longer handle second marker has to be over 24 st where is joining with the rest of the bag.The third mark is for the second handle ,leave space between the 2 handle,4 mark is over 24 st and then leave the second space between handles
Start first round (sg cr) and when you rich at the first marker do no not join make a chain of 80cm  and jump to join over 24th st from the edge of the bag.
Here you create the gap for the longer handle then continue sg st as normal till the 3th marker.Here will be the gap for the shorter strap 24cm length skip 24 st and join the shorter strap and continue as normal sg cr till the round is finished.The shoulder strap can be as long as you want,but the one in picture has 80cm .
From the second rd decrease at the third marker one sg cr and the same for the 4th marker (for the shorter handle)From the third rd no decrease no increase.Total 6 rounds.

Hope my explanation was clear enough but if you need more help contact me via whatsapp:

Happy Crocheting !!!
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