Lace Spring Hat Bonnet


Fits for most of the size:S,M,L
Hook :4mm 
Yarn used: 100g aprox
Tension: Medium

The scarf has different pattern ,i may come with the pattern in other material



Rd1 : Magic circle or ch 5 joined with sl st,then 8 x dc. in the loop
Rd 2: Multiply one dc. at each one stich = 16 dc.
Rd 3: Multiply one dc  at each one st (less two) = 30 dc 
Rd 4: Group of 3x dc in the same loop at each 2 st. with ch 1 between. Total 15 groups of 3dc.
Rd 5: Multiply one groups of 3dc (at each 3 groups) with ch one space between Total = 20 groups of 3dc.
Rd 6 to 9  work normal the 20 groups of 3dc,no multiply.
Rd 10 to 16: 3xTR ,with ch 1 space, the same for another 4 rounds.No multiply
Rd 17: Hdc each stitch
Always finish each round with slip stich ,and start the next round with ch 2.


1.Ch 5
2.Chain 3,cluster ( yarn over, go in the loop, and make the same 3 times more).One cluster has 4 times yarn over, then chain 3,sg cr in the loop. Start the next petal again with ch 3.
Total 5 petals.


CH – chain
DC – double crochet
Rep – repeat
Sg Cr – single crochet
HDC-half double crochet
TR-triple crochet


To learn more about cluster watch this video


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[…] Lace Spring Hat Bonnet-see free pattern […]

[…] Lace Spring Hat Bonnet-see free pattern […]