Free pattern for Hippie Hobo Bag

For beginners and intermediate.

Hook size 5 
Yarn (aprox)
40 g each colour
100 g black or navy
Tension: Light

Boddy – See Pic A
Rd 1: Magic circle or ch 6.
Rd 2: 12 TR in the same loop.
Rd 3: 12 Triple cluster in each loop,one chain space. (learn more -how to do cluster)
Rd 4: Ch 2, and (2 x dc) in the first loop,next loop (3 x dc) ch 4 (3 x dc).
Next loop (3 x dc),next loop (3 x dc) ch 4 (3 x dc) ,next loop (3 x dc),next-in the same loop (3 x dc ) ch one (3 x dc)
next (3 x dc),next (3 x dc) ch one (3 x dc).The rest of the round (3 x dc ) in each loop till the end and finish with slip stitch.
Rd 5 to 10 Rep .Follow the below scheme .

Bottom: See pic B-C
Rd 1 :Ch 100
Rd 2: Ch 2,skip 2 st,in the third st in the same loop (3 x dc),skip 2 st,go to the third st (3 x dc) in the same loop and rep.
Finish the rd in the last loop at the top of the ch with (3 x dc).Total  on this side will be 32 (3 x dc )+ one ( 3 x dc) in the top. Continue the other side of the chain the same, in each loop (3 x dc).At the end in the top ( 3 x dc ) .See Pic B
Rd 2 : In each loop (3 x dc) no space.At the last loop of the side near the end 2 (3 xdc) with no space. Continue the other side and first loop 2 x (3 xdc).Rest (3 x dc) in each loop and rep at the other end of the side with 2 x (d3 x dc )
Rd 3 : Rep rd 2
Rd 4 : Rep rd 3
Rd 5 : Rep rd 4
Rd 6 : Do not multiply at ends.Just one (3 x dc)

The bottom should go around the body till the second last 3 x dc at the top .
Mark half from the bottom of the body (is the largest down side of the bag ( see pic D and E )
and half from the bottom.Start seaming from inside of the bag, by taking in the needle
half stitch from exterior with the other half from exterior.

Start seaming from where you put the marks..
(from half to the top and then take the other half)

I  made 10 dc started from the corner of the body (see pic F ).Join with the side.
From the 4th round reduce 2 dc and continue the strap with 8 dc.
Length strap: 38in(9cm)

For my bag i put a stud to fastening the top and lining

Hope my explanation were enough clear but if you experience any issue don’t hesitate to contact me via website.
Or you can drop a comment here on the page.

You can download  this pattern for £1.00 –Buy it Now




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