Granny Square – Summer Sunny Slouchy Hat



DC-Double Crochet
HDC – Half double crochet
2 dc-cl-Double Cluster
Sl St – Slip stich
CH- Chain

To find more about clusters watch this material –video


Yarn:3.5-4 ply
Weight: 120-130 g (3 colours)
Hook: 3-3,5 size
For advanced and intermediate.
Also beginners friendly


You need 4 squares as Pic A for the base.
Rd 1 : Ch 5
Rd 2:  16 x Dc in the loop at the top of the first dc.Change colour
Rd 3: 16 x ( 2dcl-cl ) finish with sl st
Rd 4: Fix 4 corners .In The corners 3 x DC ,CH 2, 3 x DC in the same loop. Between corners needs 3 loops each 3xDc.Sl st finish.
Rd 5: Rep rd 4.Betwwen corners will be 4 loops. Each loop 3 x DC. Finish sl st.
Rd 6: Rep rd 5.Betwwen corners will be 5 loops. Each loop 3 x DC. Finish sl st

For the top one square as Pic B
Rep from rd 1 to rd 5 as Pic A. For the round 5 HDC all around In the corners 6 x HDC with no space between.

The 4 squares has to be joined in round, stitches only on sides. Start seaming from inside of the squares by pulling the needle from exterior of half stitch from the top and join with the other half stitch from exterior from the second square.

The first round needs to be tight. HDC all around in each stich. At the corners-make from the 2 loops (the corner loop from each square) one HDC (reducing one stich),then continue in each stitch HDC.
It will be 10 rounds altogether worked HDC all around.
From the second round to the 6th round needs multiplying in the same place. Use marks if is need. .
Multiply in each corners 3 HDC ,and in the middle of the square 2hdc for each square
Last 3 rounds work as normal.

Don forget to alternate the colours as you like..

Enjoy your Summer Slouch Hat !!!

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